A Prayer after Communion

This past Sunday on our way to meet my sister and husband for dinner in Pennsylvania, Charlotte and I worshiped at St. Mary’s Church in Conshohocken. I carried with me The New Roman Missal by Father Lasance. After receiving the Eucharist I returned to the pew and knelt and began to pray. I found a prayer in the missal from The Voice of the Sacred Heart.

O Lord Jesus, do Thou henceforth alone live within me. May the tongue whereon Thou hast rested never move to utter words other than such as would proceed from Thy meek and humble Heart. May the thoughts of my heart be in unison with Thine. May that mind which is in Thee be likewise in me. May I be consumed with the same desires; may I be one heart, one soul with Thee, O Jesus, Whom I bear within me. And let this union of my heart with Thine shed its influence over my whole life and conduct at all times and in all events, that so I may be able to draw other hearts to love Thee, and to devote themselves to Thy interests. This is the desire, O my Jesus, with which Thou dost inspire meā€”that Thy sweet name may be hallowed, that Thy kingdom may come, and extend, and triumph over all hearts and nations, and that Thy will, which is ever one with Thy Father’s, may be perfectly accomplished. Amen, Amen.

Today is Thursday, and I cannot get away from this prayer. Each day as I have received our Lord in Holy Communion since Sunday, I am reminded how desperately I need him and how easily I can stray away from his meek and humble heart.

Most sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!